How much does it cost?

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Ah yes, the dreaded price call. If you get a lot of these, make sure to talk value over price and share with the customer how terrific your company is.

However, sometimes even responding with the most well-meaning pride in your company can make you sound defensive.

Here’s how to avoid that trap:

Be prepared. Work with your office to come up with sound solutions for the price or service concern.  What questions do you want to ask to engage the caller?  How will you explain your different price or package options?  Brainstorm as a team and practice your replies on each other.

Choose the right tone.  When you are practicing, give each other feedback on your tone of voice.  It’s easy for a little sarcasm or apathy to creep in. Catch it!

Be appreciative.  When the Customer tells you about a competitive offer, thank them for sharing the information.  It will catch them off guard!

Be patient. These are not quick calls.  Persuading takes time and effort.  Focus on this call not the others that are in the queue.

If you or your team needs help fielding these types of calls, let us know. We've got a webinar for that.

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Eyes on the prize

Have you been watching the Olympics? The athletes are achieving great feats, breaking records and winning medals.

This here is Red Gerard, who overslept then lost his jacket the day that he became the first American to win Gold at this year's PyeongChang Olympic Games.

How did he do it? He ignored all the road blocks in his way and kept his eye on the prize.

Do you ever get:

  • Thrown off your game by an upset or intimidating caller?
  • Frazzled when someone asks about price?
  • Upset when they threaten to leave?

Today when you get that tough caller, keep your eye on the prize by being patient, actively listening and offering empathy.

The prize?  Happy Customers. :-)

'Twas the week before Christmas...

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Depending on the type of business you are in, things are either really busy and the phones are ringing non-stop, or it's a slow time and many of your co-workers are taking holiday time off.  

Either way, you probably could use a reason to get out of the chair more.  Let's lunge.  No, wait, don't lunge to reach that box of cookies, lunge for movement.   

Why?  Moving improves your cirulation, your breathing and your mood.  

How?  Click here to see how to lunge in the office and in a skirt I might add.  

Lunge now, snack later.

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Smile and the World Smiles with You

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Smiling, like yawning, is contagious.

When someone comes into your office, your cube or the company kitchen, look up and smile at them.

Bet they smile back, betcha it goes viral faster than this video of Fiona The Hippo

Tip:  If they don’t, be extra kind.  They might be having a tough day and need a little extra care.

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Words for the Week

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"I can" or "I will"

Customers don't care about your company policies or procedures or what you can't do

What they are interested in is what you can do.  Focus on that.

Rather than saying, "We can't update passwords over the phone" try, "Your security is important to us. If you email us the new password, we'll update it right away."

Change, "We can't get there on Tuesday" to, "We can be there Wednesday morning or afternoon, which do you prefer?"

If you are doing this already, send me an example by email. I will read them.


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