Choosing your Attitude

YAY you!

Copyright: The Ellen Show

Copyright: The Ellen Show

Here are two steps for a better 2018.

Step 1:  Keep a file of the good stuff you do. Maybe it's a digital folder of emails thanking you for a job well done, or perhaps it's a hard copy file with written thank you notes you have received.

Step 2:  When the day isn't going the way you planned or you get a tough caller, review your Yay Me! file for a reminder of your awesomeness.

Repeat as needed... Yay you!

'Twas the week before Christmas...

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Depending on the type of business you are in, things are either really busy and the phones are ringing non-stop, or it's a slow time and many of your co-workers are taking holiday time off.  

Either way, you probably could use a reason to get out of the chair more.  Let's lunge.  No, wait, don't lunge to reach that box of cookies, lunge for movement.   

Why?  Moving improves your cirulation, your breathing and your mood.  

How?  Click here to see how to lunge in the office and in a skirt I might add.  

Lunge now, snack later.

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Smile and the World Smiles with You

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Smiling, like yawning, is contagious.

When someone comes into your office, your cube or the company kitchen, look up and smile at them.

Bet they smile back, betcha it goes viral faster than this video of Fiona The Hippo

Tip:  If they don’t, be extra kind.  They might be having a tough day and need a little extra care.

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You're making me crazy!

Image by: NBC's, The Office

I’m often asked how to deal with a co-worker that drives you bonkers.

Well… You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your co-workers.  It’s a job.  Some people will annoy you.

If, on the other hand, you decide to deal with it (which by the way would make me very proud!) here’s some advice.

  • Start with a positive
  • Be specific
  • Get their perspective

Here's what it might sound like.

"Our working relationship matters to me, we work so closely here at Awesome Co., I’d like us to get along better.  When you and I work on X, Y seems to happen.  What’s your take on it?"

The goal is to change behavior and people won't be open to change if they are feeling defensive.  This conversation builds bridges, not fences.

Another tip: If the thought of this makes you nervous, practice it on a friend - or your dog - first.


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Left side, right side

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Have you been doing your hourly squats?  Yes?  Excellent.

You’ve now graduated to the Elbow Tap:

  • Stand with arms at sides.
  • Bend and touch your right elbow to left knee as you raise your leg.
  • Then stand and touch your left elbow to your right knee.
  • Repeat 5 times each side.

Sit back down.  How do you feel?

Turns out, cross-lateral movements (those in which arms and legs cross over from one side of the body to the other) “unstick” the brain and energize learning.

The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and the right side of the brain controls the left side. Both sides are forced to communicate when arms and legs cross over.

Cool huh?

Thanks for the tip, Dr. Paula Berardinelli!

"I don't know"


My dunkin' donut habit/math problem from last weeks' E-Couragement inspired some conversation, so let's continue.

The moral of the DD story was to be curious vs. being right.  When we think we are right, we don't listen very well, in fact, instead of listening, we're waiting to speak. 

When we're curious we focus fully on the caller's request.

But what do you do when you don't know?   Find out.
What do you say?  "I'd be happy to look into that and get back to you by 4 pm today."

Why does that work?
- you're expressing your desire to help
- you're letting them know that you will take action
- you are managing expectations by setting a specific timeframe

And in case you are wondering, it's 3 cups of strong, black coffee a day.  Thank goodness new research shows this to be a good habit!