Self-service for customers who’ve had enough “people-ing”


There’s a fine line between customers wanting one-on-one service and not wanting any human interaction at all. You can help them find a balance by introducing your self-service options when a common question arises. 

But remember! Always answer their question or complete their transaction first, before saying something like:

“Have you downloaded our mobile app? It’s a great way to pay your bill any time, even outside of our service hours. If you have a minute now, I can show you how.”

Our favorite self-service is ordering groceries online, for when we remember we need cookies at 3 a.m. What’s yours? Share it at

"They're with me"

*Flashes VIP pass*


Is your workflow or phone system bouncing clients around from department to department like a swanky New York nightclub? Ugh, talk about frustrating. When possible, give your customer VIP access. Before you hit that transfer button, ask these questions:

  • Is this something I can answer or manage behind the scenes? It may not be in your job description, but making a quick phone call or checking in with a supervisor could mean keeping your customers happy - and in one place.

  • Can I facilitate a meeting? If you have to transfer a customer to a new department, make it a three-way call and provide background, so the customer doesn’t have to repeat themselves.

  • Does someone new need to take over? Walk your customer over and stick around if possible, while they complete their transaction.

Staying with a customer through every step of a transaction can go far in making them feel well-taken care of. How do you make your customers feel like VIPs? Let us know at

Don't Spook the Customers!


Do you have plans for this Halloweekend?

Whether it’s Trick-or-Treating with the kids or going to a party of your own, this week promises for some late nights and sugar rushes… and crashes.

When you’re at work, remember to put the holiday excitement aside and focus on what matters: The Customer.

Pay special attention to the reminders you set for yourself every time you answer a call. Did you remember to smile? To take a deep breath? Put yourself in their shoes?

Smile, Breathe, and Spook on. You got this.

Have the Last (Good) Word


When all is said and done, give your customers the long-story-short version of your interaction. When you offer a final summary:

●      You highlight everything you accomplished for the customer. Tada!

●      You can ensure everything is captured accurately and next steps.

●      The customer can agree to the status and terms of the situation and solution.

When you and the customer are on the same wavelength, you’ll both walk away more confident and happy.

Do you have Regulars?


Getting to know your customers, especially the ones you talk with over the phone or in-person multiple times, gives customers all the family, feel-good vibes. Taking note of even small details builds rapport and trust over time.

●      You just celebrated a birthday. Happy birthday! Did you do anything special?

●      You had mentioned that your daughter was moving after graduation, how did that go?

How do you make your service feel like a warm welcome? Share with us at

All in Good Time


Don’t you wish you could snap your fingers and all would be right in the world - or at least with your customer? When a solution isn't immediate, it’s essential to commit to the customer that an answer is indeed coming and when to expect it.

  • Set a timeframe.

    • We should have a solution for you by the end of the week.

  • Promise to follow up.

    • I’ll contact you by the end of the day with an update.

  • Reinforce you care about how they’re feeling.

    • You’re in good hands. Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll be in touch first thing on Monday.