Happy Feet

Don't let the cold weather make you sound cold.

Copyright: 123RF Stock Photo

Copyright: 123RF Stock Photo

Thought for the week: Bring your cozy slippers to work.

Here's a secret about me: When it's cold outside, I wear my toasty Uggs to warm me up. They warm my soles and my soul, which makes me exude kindness over the phone. 

Tip: Switch back to your regular shoes for meetings, treks to the printer and one-on-ones with your boss. 

How are you staying warm?

Words for the Week

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"I can" or "I will"

Customers don't care about your company policies or procedures or what you can't do

What they are interested in is what you can do.  Focus on that.

Rather than saying, "We can't update passwords over the phone" try, "Your security is important to us. If you email us the new password, we'll update it right away."

Change, "We can't get there on Tuesday" to, "We can be there Wednesday morning or afternoon, which do you prefer?"

If you are doing this already, send me an example by email. I will read them.


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You're making me crazy!

Image by: NBC's, The Office

I’m often asked how to deal with a co-worker that drives you bonkers.

Well… You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your co-workers.  It’s a job.  Some people will annoy you.

If, on the other hand, you decide to deal with it (which by the way would make me very proud!) here’s some advice.

  • Start with a positive
  • Be specific
  • Get their perspective

Here's what it might sound like.

"Our working relationship matters to me, we work so closely here at Awesome Co., I’d like us to get along better.  When you and I work on X, Y seems to happen.  What’s your take on it?"

The goal is to change behavior and people won't be open to change if they are feeling defensive.  This conversation builds bridges, not fences.

Another tip: If the thought of this makes you nervous, practice it on a friend - or your dog - first.


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Words Matter

We all know that your tone of voice speaks louder than your words, but words matter too.

Consider this study from Harvard Business Review

One CSR said, “You can’t transfer funds until you go through these steps to authorize the account.”

The other CSR phrased it differently, “let me walk you through these steps to authorize the account.”

Which do you think customers preferred? 

Yes, CSR #2. In fact, customers rated that call's quality 82% higher.

Why?  The words sound more helpful.

Consider your calls today.  Where can you choose more helpful language?

“You need to” can become “let me help you.”

“I can’t” can become “here’s what I can do.”

Share an expression you plan on re-writing today.

What's your game?

Whether we want to admit it or not a huge number of us have a game addiction.

What’s yours Candy Crush, Solitaire or Bejeweled?

Did you know that over 45 million people a month play Candy Crush regularly?

Did you know that you can click on the stats button and discover how many hours you spend on your game? Mine was quite shocking.  

So here’s the thing about games, they are repetitive, in fact we spend hours stuck on a level or a problem but still keep at it!  We try new approaches and enjoy the challenge. 

Self-confession, I will re-play the same game of solitaire in an effort to win rather than simply choosing a new game.  Why?   It’s fun!

Why not take the love of challenge to work?

Instead of feeling defeat – keep at it and celebrate success.

If you handle the same type of call over an over again, cheer when you do it well!

If you master a function in your new software, pump your arm!

If you win over a really tough customer, jump up and let your team know you scored a level 45 victory!

You can’t change the computer, tech challenges, silly questions, pricing or the volume of work, but you can change how you approach it.   A sense of curiosity and fun goes a long way.  


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Q: How do you make the Customer feel like they are getting the royal treatment?
A: Get the whole team working on their issue.
I was in a colleague’s office the other day while they called Grainger looking for a specific item.  The Customer Service Representation couldn’t find the item but instead of saying “we don’t carry that” or “I can’t find it”, he said let me try one more thing, then I’ll get some help.  When one more thing didn’t work, he told us he would conference in Technical support.  The specialist joined the call by saying, “I understand you can’t find a specific item, let me help”.  The CSR stayed on the phone the whole time giving this call a real team feel.
How can you do this?
Step 1: Tell the Customer whom you will ask to join the call.
Step 2: Call your colleague and give them some background information.
Step 3: Introduce the Customer to your colleague.
Step 4: Solve world problems together!
Repeat as necessary.