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Q: How do you make the Customer feel like they are getting the royal treatment?
A: Get the whole team working on their issue.
I was in a colleague’s office the other day while they called Grainger looking for a specific item.  The Customer Service Representation couldn’t find the item but instead of saying “we don’t carry that” or “I can’t find it”, he said let me try one more thing, then I’ll get some help.  When one more thing didn’t work, he told us he would conference in Technical support.  The specialist joined the call by saying, “I understand you can’t find a specific item, let me help”.  The CSR stayed on the phone the whole time giving this call a real team feel.
How can you do this?
Step 1: Tell the Customer whom you will ask to join the call.
Step 2: Call your colleague and give them some background information.
Step 3: Introduce the Customer to your colleague.
Step 4: Solve world problems together!
Repeat as necessary.