Words for the Week

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"I can" or "I will"

Customers don't care about your company policies or procedures or what you can't do

What they are interested in is what you can do.  Focus on that.

Rather than saying, "We can't update passwords over the phone" try, "Your security is important to us. If you email us the new password, we'll update it right away."

Change, "We can't get there on Tuesday" to, "We can be there Wednesday morning or afternoon, which do you prefer?"

If you are doing this already, send me an example by email. I will read them.


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A tip and a lesson

From his book, ‘Bargain Fever’ author Mark Ellwood shares the four magic words that promise to score you a discount. 

What are they?

Are there discounts today?”

Turns out that most retail stores will respond with some sort of % off your purchase if you simply ask. 

That’s definitely worth a try!


That was the tip – here’s the lesson.


We are programed to bargain.  Our brains get a buzz when we get a deal and this helps explain why so many of your calls include a question about price.

People want a deal.

Rather than being caught off guard by the question or offended by it think about what can you offer to feed their brain and help them feel like they won?

-       Free shipping

-       Extended return policy

-       Putting them on a VIP list

-       Offering a text or call when your team or their order is on the way

-       A follow up call to check in

-       Tips on using your product better

-       Articles or information

This could make a great brainstorm (…er sorry, I just found out the new politically correct expression is thought-shower), discussion at your next team meeting. 

Is price your only concern?

Raise your hand if you get those dreaded calls, you know the ones that start with "what's your price?"

Our reflex is to react with a number, but it's better to respond by talking value.  


1.  Remind yourself that they are looking for a reason to buy from you.

2.  Remind yourself that it's just a question.

3.  Then have a conversation.  Start by acknowledging that they are interested, then work to discover what's important to them.  

"I'm glad you asked!  We've got a range of offers, what's most important to you in a ______ company?"

4.  After you use this technique the first time, hang up the phone and congratulate yourself.  You just broke a habit!   Rock on!!!