A tip and a lesson

From his book, ‘Bargain Fever’ author Mark Ellwood shares the four magic words that promise to score you a discount. 

What are they?

Are there discounts today?”

Turns out that most retail stores will respond with some sort of % off your purchase if you simply ask. 

That’s definitely worth a try!


That was the tip – here’s the lesson.


We are programed to bargain.  Our brains get a buzz when we get a deal and this helps explain why so many of your calls include a question about price.

People want a deal.

Rather than being caught off guard by the question or offended by it think about what can you offer to feed their brain and help them feel like they won?

-       Free shipping

-       Extended return policy

-       Putting them on a VIP list

-       Offering a text or call when your team or their order is on the way

-       A follow up call to check in

-       Tips on using your product better

-       Articles or information

This could make a great brainstorm (…er sorry, I just found out the new politically correct expression is thought-shower), discussion at your next team meeting.