What to say...

I'm often asked what to say when the customer thanks you.  

First of all, congratulations!  It's nice to know you are making people happy, answering questions and solving problems. 

Then what to say.  Here's some options.  Which do you like best?

You:  Thank you for your payment Mr. Smith.   We will send out a revised statement later today.

Customer:  Thank you!


  1. No problem.
  2. It's my job.
  3. Good thing you got me, 'cause Susan isn't any good at this.
  4. I get calls like this all the time, our bills are confusing.
  5. My pleasure.
  6. I'm glad to help.


1.  'No problem' tells the customer that there was a problem.  Plus it's a little to casual.  Skip this one.

2.  Yes it is your job, but this doesn't elevate the conversation.  

3.  Please don't ever throw your colleagues under the bus.  It makes you, them and the whole company look bad.

4.  No need to air dirty laundry. If there are ongoing issues with your billing, be proactive and help accounting come up with a better system.

5.  YES! and 6. YES!

When a customer expresses gratitude, be gracious and professional.