News from Abroad

Greetings from the land of great service!  The people in Thailand and Hong Kong have been super attentive, friendly, helpful and patient.  They exemplify the expression, “at your service”!

  • If you ask for directions, they walk you to your destination.
  • When they indicate a path, they don’t point, they gesture with an open palm.
  • You will always be acknowledged with a smile and a slight bow.

You are probably thinking, “but Ann I deliver service over the phone how does this apply to me?” or “Ann, what did you bring me back from your trip?”

Great service is making the customer feel like you’ve got their best interests at heart.  It’s about patience.   How can you do this over the phone? 

Slow down. 

Don’t interrupt. 

…even though your phones are busy.

Tip: After the customer explains their request, count 1-2 then respond. 

Those seconds will stop you from talking over the caller and gives the feeling of patience and caring.  

Go ahead and smile and nod your head too!   They can’t see it, but they can hear it!