No Customer Left Behind

customer is always right.jpg

It happens.
You could have nailed your empathy statements, given detailed updates, and even followed up. But not even sending chocolates or puppies can change your customer’s mind about the lack of confidence they feel in your company and its policies.

When your customer is straight up jaded, you may have little control over the matter. Reassure them that you’re willing to gain back their trust.

When a customer can separate you and your team from the faceless entity, which is your company, they can begin to see you’re just like one of them. Try this:

“This feedback has been invaluable to my team and me. Thank you for letting us know so that we can better address this in the future.”

“I was recently in a similar situation, so I understand the stress and inconvenience you’ve been feeling. Here’s what I can do to make it right.”

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