In or Out

Q: An internal customer is someone who depends on the accuracy, quality and timeliness of your work.  Who is that in your world?

A.        The person who sits in the next chair

B.        The person who sits in the next department

C.        The barista at your coffee shop

D.        Your boss

E.         Your boss’s boss

F.         The sales team

A:  All of them, except C.   (Although some might argue that if I don’t start my day with a good cup of joe, I’m not as friendly.) 

Today, focus on treating your internal customers as well as you do your external customers - rather than a family member on day 4 of a visit!

  • In person, use open body language and give them your full attention.
  • Over the phone, aim not to interrupt or prejudge the call.
  • In an email, read the email as if it was from a stranger in a neutral tone. 

To get respect, give respect.