Put Your Positive Pants On

That was the quote posted at my gym this morning.  Love it!

There are so many things out of your control:

  • the caller's issue
  • the weather
  • the volume of calls
  • how the caller speaks to you

What is in your control is how you think about it.

Whether you are handling tough calls about rate increases or reassuring customers that you can provide products or services to their home, despite the weather – you probably need some help building your resilience in order to keep yourself calm. 

Try this:

Stand up and walk three steps from your desk then back again.

Can’t do that?

Then extend your arms up in the air, strike a victory pose. 

Repeat every hour.

Either one of those movements will build your physical resilience which can help you stay in control of you.

Still stressed?

Try this:

Snap your fingers 50 times.  Yes, exactly 50 times.  Count ‘em.  Go.

Can’t snap?

Then count down from 100.

These build mental resilience.   Completing just one of these tasks doesn’t take long, but it can put you back in control.

For more information on these tips watch Super Better by Jane McGonigal on Ted Talks.