Did you win, lose or just watch the commercials?

Did your team win yesterday?  If so, carry on. Have a great day, enjoy your victory and let that smile shine through as you talk to customers today.

If your team didn't win.  Don't take your feelings of defeat out on customers today.   Here's some help from Amy Cuddy, social psychologist, author, lecturer and Harvard Professor.

...instead, use your posture and body language throughout the day to remind yourself that you are strong. Begin from the heart and pull your shoulders back and open your chest, then start relaxing your arms, uncrossing your legs, putting your feet on the ground.
Set up your workspace so that you're reaching for items you need throughout the day. This will help you avoid hunching over and closing yourself off while you work.

BTW - did you know Cam Newton hired a body language coach to help him and to manage the impact of his body language on his team?