Professional AND Fun

Last week, I wrote about how Jolson turned my frown upside down with a fun greeting in person. This edition is about how Richard won me over in an instant on the phone.

I called the YMCA in San Francisco, so that I could verify Jolson’s name.  It went like this:

Richard: “Good Morning, YMCA, this is Richard”

Me: “Hi Richard, I’ve got a strange question for you”

Richard: “Excellent, I love a challenge.  How can I help?”

In that moment, Richard demonstrated that he was an expert and that he was there to help me.  It made him ‘e-couragement-worthy’! 

Chances are, you have opportunities to do the same.  Consider these calls:

  • “Good morning, there’s a problem with my bill...”
  • “Hello, the competition is offering me a better price...”
  • “Good afternoon, I don't understand why you people...”

 A good response to any of these is, “I’m glad you called, let’s take a look”

Share your story – you might be ‘e-couragement worthy’ too!”