Jolson saves the day...

This morning, I woke up cranky.  I’m on the west coast and my internal clock is messing with my sleep, but I know I still need to work out.  So I get up at 5:30 am, throw on my workout gear and head down to the front desk of the hotel to get directions to the gym. 

They don’t have one.

They do offer access to the YMCA next door, I just need to fill out a form with way too much information, pay $10 and walk over.  Did I mention it is 5:30 am?

I walk over, cranky, expecting the worst.

Jolson greets me.  He reads my card and says, “Good Morning Ann, you are right on time.  Your trainer is waiting on the 3rd floor, you have basketball drills in 5 minutes, so start with some laps of the gym to warm up!” 

I look at Jolson and smile.  He’s pulling my leg.  

"Haha", I said, “you just about got me.

He said, “Darn, it works sometimes…

Off I went to the machines and had a good sweat and am back on track for a good day.

Here’s the view from my workout machine, glad I wasn’t so cranky I missed it.



Thanks for making my smile, Jolson. 

Next week: a story about Richard.  Go Team YMCA SF!