How to be happy...

A Harvard study showed some interesting research recently.  In their study, subjects were given $50 to spend.  Half of the group was told to spend it on themselves and the other half was instructed to spend it on someone else.

The group that was to spend it on themselves mostly bought typical need-related items like groceries and gas.  The group that gave it away found people in need and delivered gift cards and gifts. The Harvard folks then measured each group's happiness.  Can you guess the result?  What they discovered was that those who gave away the money felt happier.

So, what's the moral of the story? Sure, we’d all like free money, but doing something for someone else leads to longer lasting joy.  

What could you do for someone else today?

  • let a stranger cut in line at the grocery store or on the highway
  • invite a colleague to put their phones on DND while you take their calls and let them get caught up on paperwork
  • be extra nice to a caller 

Let me know what you try...