Tackling Your Emotions

Have you ever found yourself getting caught up in the emotions of an upset customer?  If you get upset, like the caller, you won’t be very helpful and may even make the situation worse by saying something you’ll regret.
Here are some options to break the negative flow:

1.     Ask the caller to hold, so that you can manage your emotions. Sounds like this: “Mr. Smith, I’d like to review your account more fully.  May I put you on hold for a minute or two?”
2.     Transfer the call to a ‘call-buddy’.  A call-buddy is someone you pair up with at a work who has a different strength or communication style than you.   You agree in advance to transfer calls to each other when the need arises.  Sounds like this: “Mr. Smith, I’d like to transfer you to my colleague, Sue, so that she can help resolve this issue.”
3.     2-step the call.  This technique helps because it provides time not only for the caller to calm down, but also for you to calm down.  Sounds like this: “Mr. Smith, I understand why you are concerned. I would like to review the situation more fully, and then call you back with some options in 20 minutes.  Should I use this number to call you back, or is there a better number to use?”
Turning a customer from cranky to happy is very satisfying.  Let me know many callers you convert this week!