Crystal Ball Customer Service

Imagine if you could read your customers’ minds AND that you used that power for good!  Last week, I took an Uber ride to get to a training site and Omar read my mind.  Look at this car:


He predicted that my phone might need charging, that I might be thirsty, and that I might be concerned about germs.  What a pleasant surprise.  That’s crystal ball service: proactive, mind-reading service!

What do you do to predict your customers' needs?

  • Remind them it’s time for a tune-up, check-up, cleaning, etc?
  • Remember their preferences?
  • Include a return address label when you send out that order?

We’ve created a one-hour webinar to help teams spot, plan, do and share crystal ball service in their companies.  If you’d like more information about it send Gaynor an email.