How to Respond

If the Customer says: "cancel my service", how do you respond?

1. "okay"

2. "account number, please"

3. "you can't, you have a contract"

4. "I'm sorry to hear that"

5. "Sorry, wrong number"


1.  'Okay', in this case, is not an option.  It isn't okay!  You need to fight to keep every Customer.

2.  The account number may be helpful to you, but it gives the call a robotic feeling.  This response doesn't set the stage for a helpful conversation.

3.  "You can't" should never come out of your mouth in customer service.  The goal is to have a conversation about what can be done.

4.  CORRECT!  It's best to start with some empathy, a statement that demonstrates you care about them.  Then find out their account number and ask a question to understand why they are considering a change.
 Say it with me now.... "I'm sorry to hear that, I'm sorry to hear that, I'm sorry to hear that!"

5.  Nice try!

This week, make a point to focus on empathy first, solutions second.