How To Respond.... Part Deux

Last week, I shared some suggestions on better responses to a customer who wants to leave your service.  Here's a few further thoughts on that theme.


If the customer says, "I'm switching to (insert your competition's name here)", how do you respond? 

1. "Sure, let me just close your account"

2. "Good luck with that! Let me tell you all the things wrong with that decision..."
3. "You can't, you have a contract with us"

4. "I've heard their messages too, and agree it might sound like a good deal.  Many of our customers say they choose to stay with us because they like the peace of mind we provide by..."


1. Noooooo!  This is not an option.  SAVE them instead!
2. It's never good to talk negatively about the competition.  It will make you sound defensive.
3. Remove "you can't" from your customer service vocabulary.  Have a conversation and SAVE them!
4. Agree with them and get on the same side, then talk about the value your company has to offer.

Practice talking about the value of your company so that calls like this don't catch you off guard.