Value vs. Price

Raise your hand if you get those dreaded calls, you know the ones that start with "what’s your price…?"

Our reflex is to respond by immediately talking numbers, but you know you will have a better interaction if you talk value versus price.  That takes self-control.  It meaning catching yourself reacting and choosing your response.  How do you do that?

Start with;

A pep talk.  Say to yourself, "I've got this!'

Remind yourself;

The caller is looking for a reason to buy from you.  It's just a question - nothing personal. And that the caller is a human being - just customer, calling in, asking you to show you appreciate them.  (Channel your inner Julia Roberts, Notting Hill  "After all...I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her") have a conversation.

Start by acknowledging their interest, then ask questions to discover what's important to them:  "I'm glad you asked!  Our company has a range of prices and some special offers at the moment.  What's most important to you in a ______ company?"

After you use this technique the first time, give yourself a pat on the back.  You took the first step to selling value and breaking a habit!  You've got this!