Snacking for Energy...

You probably know that some snacks enhance energy levels, while others leave us feeling depleted.  It takes a lot of energy and endurance to keep up a professional, positive performance all day long.  If you like to snack on-the-job, here are some suggestions for what to munch on, so the right words and tone come through:

◾ Almonds - packed with nutrients and great fiber content to keep you feeling satisfied

◾ A cup of yogurt between meals helps you remember what to say

◾ Pineapple - with high levels of naturally occurring sugar (fructose), dietary fiber, and water, fresh pineapple is nature's equivalent of a kick in the pants!

◾ Coffee speeds up reaction rates. In fact some research recommends 2-4 cups a day!  Any rumors that I sponsored that research are greatly exaggerated!


If you're going to snack, snack smart!