What NOT to Say #4

I asked for suggestions and you shared!  Thank you.

This week's word to eradicate is "unfortunately."

Use it in a sentence please?

1. Unfortunately we can't schedule you until September.

2. Unfortunately we don't take American Express.

3. Unfortunately we will have to charge $50 to expedite that, or $50 for a same day delivery.

The reason it doesn't work is because you sound like you feel bad.  When you feel bad or unsure, the customer does too.   A better response is to change your wording.  

Here's how.  Offer a choice with a confident, pleasant tone.

Like this:

1.  Let me check the calendar.  Oh good news, we have openings in September.  Would you prefer a morning or afternoon?

2.  I'd be glad to process this order.  Will that be Visa or Mastercard?

3.  We can get that out today for $50 or tomorrow with no additional charge. Which do you prefer?

Keep your suggestions coming...