Building rapport one name at a time...

One of the best ways to build rapport with your customers is to use their name. Calling them by name shows respect and makes them feel special.  Here’s how it might sound:


You:  Good Morning, Awesome Co., this is Ann.

Customer:  Yes, this is Matthew McConaughey and I have a question about my bill.

You: Certainly Matthew, I can help.  What is your address so that I can access your account?


That was easy, wasn’t it?


A couple of pointers:

  • Notice I used his first name.  Calling him Matthew is less formal than Mr. McConaughey which inspires a more friendly conversation.    Tip: Check with your Manager, to see if they have a preference.
  • Some companies suggest using the customers name 3 times.  If that fits naturally and the call is long enough, 3 is good.  Don’t force it though, it will feel like a script.  1-2 times a call is the goal.
  • If their name is hard to pronounce, write it down phonetically so you can try to say it.  Giving it your best shot is more welcoming than not.