If you're like millions of Americans, you over-ate at your Thanksgiving meal and today you are back in the office feeling stuffed, bloated, and maybe even blue.  

It's pretty hard to offer outstanding service when you are feeling puffy and lethargic, time to shake it off!  

Try one of these…

Smile as you answer the phone and greet your caller. Shifting your focus away from you helps overcome a mellow Monday morning.

Volunteer to do something nice for a colleague.  Offer to get them a coffee, pick up their copies from the printer or cover their phone while they tackle some paperwork.  Again, shifting the focus away from you can improve your mood.

Move and stretch instead of sinking into your chair.  Try this spinal twist to adjust your breathing:

While sitting, cross your left leg over your right

Place your right hand or elbow on the crossed knee

Gently turn your body to the left and look behind you (smile at your co-worker)

Switch legs and twist the other way

If none of those worked, turn up your speakers and dance to this.  Shake it off.