Excuses, excuses...

Your customers are calling for help, not excuses.  

These expressions...

  • We're short staffed
  • The phones are really busy
  • My computer is so slow again

...are excuses and, guess what, the customer doesn't care.  They are calling for help.

I'm often told that the customer can relate to our situation and they understand. Hmmm, that's not the point. Did I mention they are calling for help?  

Focus on the caller, their situation and what you are doing to get them a solution.  

  • I'm looking into some options now
  • Let me research and get back to you
  • Bear with me while I pull up your account
  • I'll call you back with an estimated time for delivery

Put yourself in their shoes.  Wouldn't you rather hear what they can do vs. what they can't?  

Me too.