Behaving Badly...

Today, I was standing in line at a local business and noticed a sign posted asking customers not to use their cell phones while they wait.   My thoughts: "then make your service faster!"

I know it’s annoying when the customer calls from a cell phone, a speakerphone or is eating lunch when they call you.  But here’s the deal - they are the customer and they get to behave badly.

There is a good chance the only free time to call you is during their lunch break or when they are driving (hopefully using hands-free!).   Perhaps they want to use a speakerphone so that they can take notes or they were expecting to be on hold for a longer time.

This is a good opportunity to practice getting into your customers' shoes.  Try to understand why they are doing what they do; it may help you be a little more patient or improve your service so they behave better.