Finishing Strong

Here's the dirt on my old drycleaner, their process had a flaw. My new drycleaner collects payment for my items when I drop them off, which means pick up is easy and fun!

Fun you say? Well yes, the most painful part of the drycleaning experience is paying, so why not get it over with first?  Now I get go in, pick up my sparkling clean clothes and not even bring my wallet.  This makes me like them even more.

How do you make your finish fun?

- Offer addtional services or assistance.

- Use their name.

- Offer them a coupon.

- Set up their next appointment so they don't have to remember to do it later? Or so that they get the day and time they want.

- Offer to call, text or email them when their order is ready.

- Say something out-of-the-ordinary.  

Most businesses say, have a nice day? How about getting creative for example if you are in the heating, HVAC business "Stay cool" if you are in legal services say "hope we don't serve you later" if you are in the plumbing business "hope your day doesn't go down the tubes", accounting "have a balanced day

Send me your ideas...