It's your call

Every day we are asked one question over and over, and while it seems like a simple question, the answer may have a big impact on your day and theirs.  What's the question?  

How are you?

The ball is in your court - how will you respond? 

Sometimes the truth is ugly.  "I'm tired, hungry, cranky, late, giving my skinny jeans a bigger workout than they deserve..."  Does the person asking really want to hear all that?  No, probably not.  The question is really just a pleasantry, in fact most people don't even stop to hear the answer.

Consder the responses, "not bad", "I've had better", "only 5 more day 'til the weekend".  Comments like these come across as negative.

The other downside of 'fessing up to negative feelings or using sarcasm, is the impact it can have on you.  Smack-talkin' your day can set a negative tone for the conversation and can really bring you down.  

So here's an idea, choose a response and play with it all day.  

How about "I'm having a marvelous Monday, a terrific Tuesday, a wacky Wednesday etc."

Or "I'm doing great!"  "Good, thank you for asking"  "I'm awesome - you?"

The upside of choosing to respond in an upbeat, somewhat unusual way is that it pumps you up.  You can convince yourself that things are good!  

The mind believes what you tell it.  Why not tell it something positive?

How are you doing?  Share your responses here...