Turn the Tone Around

Turn the beat around.gif

Call after call, customer after customer. We get it. It all begins to feel the same. It might be hard to empathize or even crack a smile on a Friday afternoon, or when you’ve just got off the phone with an angry customer.

When it’s feeling monotonous, keep it upbeat and change your attitude with even the slightest shifts in your mindset. Turn the “Argh!“ moments into “Aha!“ ones.

Argh!: “Ugh, a call right at the end of the day?”

Aha!: “Better turn on that charm. The faster I can satisfy this customer, the quicker I'm outta’ here.”


Argh!: “Great, another angry customer calling about this software update.”

Aha!: “This sounds familiar, but that previous customer was happy when I walked them through an easy fix.”


Argh!: “Time to smile and fake it.”

Aha!: “Whenever I smile, I relax my shoulders and jaw, and I feel better too. Deep breath and let’s go!”

How do you flip the internal script in your head when things get tough at work?