Empathy as easy as P.I.A.

Easy as pie.jpeg

Frustrated customers want more than answers, they want to be heard. Here's an easy mnemonic to remember how to help others feel heard.

P: Start with a Power word or phrase. Respond to their complaint with a reaction to acknowledge their concern. Ex: Oh no, Oh my

I: Add an I statement. Ex: I'm sorry to hear that, I get why you're confused, I can appreciate your frustration. This makes the conversation personal and the creates a personal connection.  

A: Follow that up with Assurance that you are going to make things right. Ex: Here's what I can I do, let me research

Let's put it all together! Ex: Oh no, I see that is a bigger bill than usual.  I can see why you’re concerned.  Let’s take a look and see what we can do to make that amount manageable.

Next time you get an upset caller, Mama Mia, use PIA!