Showing clients some love

It's that time of year again. Florists are sold out, and it's nearly impossible to get a reservation at your favorite restaurant.

On top of that, 2018 is finally hitting with full force. Phones are ringing off the hook and inboxes are seemingly always full.

How can we stay sane in this crazy technology-driven time?

Make it human. Show your clients you care by having a real conversation with them about the stress they're probably under as well.

An example of being human...

Just this week we had a graphic design dilemma, well it wasn't that bad.  Our Ward Certified brand green is CMYK 50/10/100/0 and our black is 0/0/0/100.  A product we ordered came in 0/0/0/90.  I know right! It's horrifying. 

Anyway, I emailed our graphics guru and fully expected a "Well, you should have..." email.  Instead we got a "Yikes how strange, Let me review the files. The black should be 100 k (which is 100% black). I'll give you a call after my review, thanks for bringing that to my attention." and a phone call. 

I was expecting the worst and I got the best.  #customerforlife

Happy Valentine's Day, 


The Ward Certified Team

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