Warm up your Holidays


Next week it might be easy to slip into old habits and comfortable conversation when you’re at home with family and friends. But what happens when you meet your cousin’s new fiancé? Or want to welcome the new neighbors? The perfect time to practice!

Apply the skills we’ve covered at home. Here’s how to exude warmth in any situation:

  1. Pay attention to those you meet. Eye contact, periodic nods, and smiling shows people you’re listening to them.

  2. Show empathy. Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes when you meet them.

  3. Be cooperative first. Humans have a natural tendency to help those who help them, and by being nice they are more likely to be nice to us.

Now that you’re the warmth-master, you can take your skills back to the office and start the New Year off right.

Happy Holidays from Ward Certified!