Warm up your E-Conversations


Last week we learned how to warm up our voices over the phone. But how do we bring that tone to e-mails, chats, and texts? 

  1. Less is more. Shorter emails are not, contrary to popular belief, rude. They actually make you sound more professional. So make them as short as possible.

  2. Don’t clarify. Modifying words such as, “Just” hold back from your point and make you sound less confident. Check out the Just Not Sorry plug-in for more help spotting them.

  3. Break each new topic into a new line. Structuring your emails invites the reader to respond, instead of bogging them down with too much info.

How it looks:

Hello Potential Client,

I’m excited about our upcoming partnership. I’ve filled out the paperwork, and the contract has been signed.

Is there anything else you need from us at this stage?

The Greatest CSR Ever

Want more tailored tricks? Check out Crystal. Their plug-in will automatically remind you how to email specific people in your network right from your inbox.

Smile, Breathe, Rock on. You got this!