Putting tough calls in perspective

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane...

No, it's the eclipse! So don't look up unless you've got your specialized Solar Eclipse CE and ISO Certified viewer and filter glasses for safe solar viewing.

The last time I heard so much pre-excitement and concern about an upcoming & timed event, it was the Y2K bug. But that one turned out okay.  

The eclipse, similarly, is causing customer service concerns, such as Hertz cancelling eclipse-related car rentals using robocalls, surge pricing on hotels and Airbnb, delivery exception notifications from Fedex, school closing, and more.  

If you need to take a breather today, check out NASA's live streaming of the eclipse. It's safer than going outside, and it will put any rough customer calls into perspective.

And that guy in the sky? That was Superman. Channel your inner Superman and make even your toughest callers happy.