Fully Focused Listening

If I called you on your cell phone, what would you do first:

A)            Look to see who it is?

B)            Answer the call?

Most of us would, and do, choose A.

We like to prepare for a conversation, but the trouble is that preparation can cause us to interrupt the caller, pre-judge the situation or impair our listening so much that we miss important details. 

Try one of these today and let me know which one worked best:

  1. Cover the display on your phone, so you can’t see who’s calling.  Answering ‘blind’ may be a great tool for you.
  2. Swivel your chair and look out of the window, or at a picture, or at a notepad.  If you look at your screen when you answer the call, you may be tempted to start reading, which can be distracting.