Customer Rage!

According to research by Arizona State University and Customer Care Measurement & Consulting, 70% of customers who have problems with products or services are already in a state of rage by the time they talk to a customer service representative:  24% yell, 15% want revenge, 8% threaten to sue and 5% start cursing.

Chances are, you have dealt with customer rage and it's not fun! One technique that helps in this situation is allowing the Customer to vent.

Q: For how long? 

A: It depends.

Imagine your upset caller as a balloon full of hot air.  When it’s full, there’s no room for listening or logic.  Let that hot air out and you can have a more productive conversation.  

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 9.04.53 AM.png

So the length of time to let the caller vent depends on how much hot air they have to expel.  Listen for these clues, the Customer:

  • sounds calmer
  • takes a break
  • begins to repeat their story
  • asks for your help

If you jump in before you hear one of these signals, the balloon may burst in your ear.  Allowing them to vent and then solving the issue will lead to long-term loyalty – in fact Customers who have their problems resolved in a productive way prove to be better advocates for your service than those who have never had an issue at all.