The Dreaded Price Calls...

Getting a lot of price calls?  If so, I hope you are talking value vs. price and sharing how terrific your company is.  But beware!  Sometimes that passion can make you sound defensive.

Here’s how to avoid that trap.

Be prepared.  Work with your office to come up with sound solutions for the price or service concern.  What questions do you want to ask to engage the caller?  How will you explain your different price or package options?  Brainstorm as a team and practice your replies on each other.

Choose the right tone.  When you are practicing, give each other feedback on your tone of voice.  It’s easy for a little sarcasm or apathy to creep in.  Catch it!

Be appreciative.  When the Customer tells you about a competitive offer, thank them for sharing the information.  It will catch them off guard!

Be patient. These are not quick calls.  Persuading takes time and effort.  Focus on this call not the others that are in the queue.

What a little more help?  Ask about our webinar Handling Price Concerns.