Everyone loves a bargain...

From his book, ‘Bargain Fever’, author Mark Ellwood shares the four magic words that promise to score you a discount:

“Are there discounts today?”

Turns out that most retail stores will respond with some sort of % off your purchase if you simply ask.

Add to that information about our younger customers, the Millennials, and their app-happy, bargain-shopping habits and we can see we're all programmed to bargain.  Our brains get a buzz when we get a deal.


So, don't get offended when they ask and don't get caught off guard by the request.  Instead, think about what you can offer to feed their brain and help them feel like they won. 

How about:

  • Free shipping
  • Extended return policy
  • Putting them on a VIP list
  • Offering a text or call when your team or their order is on the way
  • A follow-up call to check in
  • Tips on using your product better
  • Relevant articles or information

This could be the start of a great brainstorm discussion at your next team meeting.