'Cause we need a little Christmas

If you’ve ever been to a Trader Joe’s, you know it’s not like other grocery stores.

Listen to this...

An 89-year-old man in Pennsylvania was snowed in at his home during the holidays.  His daughter was concerned that he wasn’t going to have enough food due to the impending storms.

She called multiple stores in the area hoping to find someone who would deliver to her father’s home and when she reached Trader’s Joe’s she heard again that they don’t deliver… normally.

But after listening to her story the team at Trader Joe’s sprang into action, asked for her list, suggested other items that her father might like (for his low-sodium diet), and delivered the food free of charge.

Go ahead, say it: "AWWWW."

This story warms my heart and fills me with the Christmas spirit- I know that many of you are performing acts of kindness for your customers now and throughout the year. 

Cartoon Christmas Girl.png

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