Easy on the eyes…

If you’re like most American workers, you receive over 80 emails a day and chances are your eyes are tired!

But you need your email to be read.

Subject: Bad Email

Hi Customer, we got the order you sent in and this confirms that we got it but we can’t get started on it because you didn’t tell us some of the specifics that we need to process the order.   I’m not sure if you got the memo about our intake process or not but it has changed and now when you send in the orders you need to tell us upfront about the number and when you need it so we can start to work on it.

Subject:  Order 123 – Awaiting further instructions

Hi Customer,

Thank you for your order.  We will get to work once we have your answers to two questions:

1.     How many do you need?

2.     Do you prefer single or double-sided?

Waiting for your reply,



Ahhh, that’s better!

Make your emails easy on your customers’ eyes.

Use bullet points.

Keep it simple.

Aim to have more whitespace than words.