The Robot is a Dance, not a CSR

Think of a question you get asked daily.  Is it a challenging question that throws you off your game?  Or something so simple you get bored answering?  In either case, it's good to have a go-to reply, but please, no scripts.  

Scripts get read and reading sounds insincere - ie the robot. Customers don't want robots, they want real humans who treat them like real humans.

To keep it real try this:

  • Create a few replies, not scripts  
  • Pick phrases that you feel positive about delivering
  • Imagine the face of a nice customer when you are on the phone
  • Instead of rolling your eyes and saying to yourself, "here we go again," ask yourself, "what does this person really need and how can I help?".

Quick Story... when I worked at Walt Disney World, I signed up to work overtime in custodial duties so that I could make extra money and go scuba diving.  What question do you think I was asked 40-50 times a day when I worked my shift?