Red Light, Green Light

Do you remember this game from your childhood? 


The goal was to see who could get to the finish line first. Green light you advanced, red light you stopped.

What does a game children play have to do with work?  I am glad you asked!

When we talk to customers, there are times we should just stop (Red light), listen, empathize and solve.  There are other times when we need to take over: take charge, reassure and move the conversation forward (Green light).  If we move forward at the wrong time, the customer doesn't feel heard.  If we don't move forward, the customer doesn't feel like we are helping.

Let's try:

1. Alicia calls regarding an issue with her invoice or payment. You see that it was corrected or paid. Do you let her continue her story (Green) or jump in before she finishes (Red)?

2. Will is calling "again" to see when the technician will arrive at his house. He is upset and impatient.  You already see in the system that the technician is on their way. (Red light or Green?)

3. Jackie calls with a question about her account and it happens to be a very busy day on the phones.   After her question is answered, she wants to chat about her family. (Red or Green?)


1.  Green:  Customers feel valued when we listen fully.

2.  Green:  Customers need to feel heard.

3.  Did you pick Red?  Let's add Amber; acknowledge her story, use her name and wedge the conversation back to the reason she was calling.  

Think Red, Green or Amber today as you take calls.  It will add some fun and help you focus on their needs.  This post is from our newest team member, Natalie. 

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