Howdy, Salut, Yo, Ciao!, ¡Hola!, Hey good lookin'...

Chances are a few of your callers today will have an accent, some international, some domestic. Miscommunication is frustrating for the customer and for you.  So here are 5 tips to help you understand callers with an accent.

  1. Smile, breathe and use your ninja focus to listen fully. Don’t assume you can’t understand.  If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you are right again!
  2. Don’t go jumping ahead planning your response, just listen.
  3. Slow down.  Speaking in calm tone with a slower pace sets lets the caller know you want to help.
  4. Help them - help you.  Reassure the caller that it’s okay to take their time.  A stressed caller may talk too quickly, quietly or not enunciate clearly.
  5. Have a cheat sheet handy for common expressions like ‘one moment please’ or ‘account number please’ and why not include ‘thank you’.

If you or your team find that more of your calls are from customers with accents, and that you'd like help, ask about our Pardon Moi? The Art of Listening to Customers with Accents webinar.

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