What NOT to say #2

Last week's e-couragement certainly generated a lot of comments and emails!  Seems as if "no problem" is a pretty common expression for many of you.  Did you have success replacing it?  

Here's another.

"uh-oh", "hmmm that's not right", "that doesn't make sense" or silence.

These are the things we (customers) don't want to hear while you pull up our account and review our information.

Imagine you were at the dentist; she's working on your mouth, drill in hand, and she says "uh-oh."  Not good, right?

Well, we feel the same.  As you ponder our situation or our account, any words of confusion make us fear the worst.  

Silence is equally as scary.  We think you have forgotten about us.

What's the replacement?

"One moment while I review your account"

"Bear with me while I access that information"

Use the 'mute' button if you are a mumbler, or a think-out-loud person.  

You might ask: "What about making small talk while they wait?" - eg "are you ready for the weekend?".

Please don't and here's why.  You ask about my plans, then you don't listen for the answer because you are reading my account.  

I feel set up and let down.  Be realistic.  Multi-tasking doesn't work.   Focus on my account OR focus on me - one at a time.