Set the tone, with your tone...

My travel schedule slowed down a little, so I decided to make a teeth cleaning appointment.

That call inspired this ecouragement and went like this...


I made the request online, originally asking for next Monday to coincide with my daughter's appointment.

Dentist calls back:  "Hi Ann, we recieved your request and wanted to call to set a good time."

Ann: "Great!  My first choice is Monday June 23rd at 9am, hopefully around the same time as my daughter."

Dentist: "We've got a 9am on July 2nd.  It's our first opening.  Should I book that for you?"

(The tone was confident and unapologetic.)

Ann:  "Okay, I'll take it.  Thank you."  Bam! Done!


Am I bummed that I didn't make it happen when I wanted it?  Sorta

Am I thinking maybe I should have called earlier?  Sorta

The point is - present your options with confidence.  Lead your customers with your confident tone.