When all else fails...

Have you ever had a caller with an issue that couldn't be resolved? 

In a class yesterday, the participants described a situation that cost their client a large sum of money.  It had happened.  There was nothing that could undo that interaction or change the outcome.  

So, how do you rebuild the relationship?

Step 1:  Listen fully.

Step 2:  Apologize sincerely.

Step 3:  Ask the client what they would like you to do.

They know it can't be changed. Give them this extra chance to vent and to come up with a request.  

Step 4:  Do what they ask you to do.  

Chances are, they will ask you to investigate how it happened and put a system in place so that it doesn't happen again.

Do that, and do it well, and you are on the path to redemption.