Lessons from Sochi

If you tuned in to see the world's best compete this weekend, then you have seen some pretty amazing atheles in action.  What impresses me most is their ability to focus and perform under such great pressure.

In interviews athletes often cite their 10,000 hours of practice and making their routine, well, routine.

How does that apply to you?

  1. Do you get thrown off your game by an upset or intimidating caller?
  2. Do you get frazzled when someone asks about price or asks you to describe one of your offers over another?

If so, the solution might lie in practicing your responses in a calm environment until they become so routine that nothing can stop you.

When I worked at Sprint, we had to stand up and tell our Sprint elevator story to our team at our weekly meetings.  This seemed painful at the time, but allowed us to get very comfortable with the story and our ability to tell it with passion, so that we could nail it when we met with a prospect.

Have a gold metal week!