More Bucket Filling


Last week we introduced the idea of filling all of the buckets we all have through daily actions.

Let’s tackle your health bucket:

  • Do some foods make you feel better? (Yes, Karen, eat your veggies!)

  • For others, exercise is an important bucket to fill that helps them feel happy and healthy. Hello Soul Cycle, more dog walks, Zumba, and Karate! 

Identify those things that make you feel good and be sure to do them.

When we get busy is the time we need our bucket filling activities more than ever. 

Ex: If you normally work out, then don’t for a week because you don’t have time, be sure to make time soon to get back into the groove.   

At Team Ward Certified, we have a little healthy competition through our Fitbit app!

Smile, Breathe, and Rock On.