Do the Robot...

Copyright: 123rf

Copyright: 123rf

Actually, please don't. Robots can't do your job! While it may seem like they're taking over the world, there's something very important about you being human for your customers.

Think of a question you get asked daily.  Is it a challenging question that throws you off your game?  Or something so simple you get bored answering? 
While you should have a go-to reply, but please, no scripts. 

Scripts get read and reading sounds insincere: A.K.A. robotic.

Customers don't want robots, they want real humans who treat them like real humans.

To keep it real try this:

  • Create a few replies, not scripts 
  • Pick phrases that you feel positive about delivering
  • Imagine the face of a nice customer when you are on the phone
  • Instead of rolling your eyes and saying to yourself, "here we go again," ask yourself, "what does this person really need, and how can I help?".

How do you bring a human element to work?